Internet Leased Lines

InfiniteLimits has partnered with a total of 7 different UK carriers to deliver Internet leased line services to you. We have chosen these carriers as they can complement each other either through geographic coverage, or to aid in the delivery of resilient or diverse connectivity.

With leased line speeds from 10MBit to 10 GBit why not get connected and go faster with us. 

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BT Wholesale [EFM, EoFTTC, Fibre & Wireless]

The BT Wholesale portfolio we offer extends from copper based EFM and EoFTTC connections through to full fibre solutions and now ever wireless. This allows us to provide you with a leased line solution that meets your budget, regardless of location within the UK.

City Fiber Logo


CityFibre are offering a unique alternative to Openreach, utilising their own ducts and fibre. They present a very tempting solution where they are on-net as their prices are hard to beat. Their foot print is growing steadily, and as new cities are enabled we will notify resellers.

Colt Logo


Colt have an impressive global network, spanning 4 continents and 32 countries. We are primarily adding them into our portfolio for access to their London Metropolitan network access. Here they have laid their own fibre presenting a genuine alternative to Openreach and Virgin fibre solutions.

Openreach [Point-to-Point Fibre]

We can supply Openreach EAD Ethernet circuits which are ideal solutions for short-distance (up to 40km) point-to-point Ethernet circuits for speeds from 100Mb up to 10Gb.

Sky Wholesale

Sky provide Openreach based fibre Ethernet solutions across the UK. Through a network of 2800+ enabled local access exchange they are often able to provide pricing which is hard for any other carrier to beat.

TalkTalk Business [EFM, EoFTTC & Fibre]

We have partnered with TalkTalk Business (formally Opal) for UK-wide access to EFM, EoFTTC and fibre leased lines. They provide a unique and complementary service other Openreach suppliers or alternative fibre carriers.

Virgin Media Business

Only fibre based products are available from Virgin Media, and in some areas, where they already have fibre laid in the area, their pricing is very hard to beat. This makes them a credible alternative to consider to Openreach based solutions from BT Wholesale, Sky and TalkTalk Business.

Point-to-Point or Internet Access

Leased lines are not just for the delivery of high speed Internet access. Point-to-point links provide secure connectivity physical locations allowing you to share data. Common applications would be to share confidential data between office locations

Diverse Circuits

Leased lines with service level agreements (SLA) are often seen as a huge step over traditional broadband. However, the SLA doesn’t make them immune to disruption, it simply means that there is an aim to deliver a fix within a timescale. Where downtime just isn’t an option we can deliver diversely delivered circuits with multiple entry points, exchanges and POP entry points into the network.


MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network arrangements can be ideal should you have multiple site / branch locations scattered around the country, whereby you want to connect them up to be able to access and share data securely. You can mix and match broadband and leased line technologies into your MPLS arrangement to ensure that what is delivered meets your needs.

Free Routers

All our 3 year contracts see the availability of free Cisco routers as an option when ordering. The router is pre-configured and shipped to site prior to the circuit going live. Once live, you have lifetime support on the hardware with next day replacements as standard. 1 year contract options can also have routers, albeit at a small rental cost.

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Leased Lines used with Voice over IP (VoIP)

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