Internet Leased Lines

We have teamed with 7 different UK providers to deliver Internet the best leased line services to you. They complement each other through geographic coverage or aid in the delivery of resilient and diverse connectivity.

Leased line speeds from 10MBit to 10 GBit get connected and go faster.

Our providers

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Our Services

Point-to-Point or Internet Access

Leased lines are not just for the delivery of high speed Internet access you can uses them for Point-to-point service allowing two office to be connected like on a LAN this provides a secure physical connection allowing you to share data.

Diverse Circuits

Multiple leased lines to site to allow redundancy encase you lose connection on you primary link, we will use a use combination of two different providers like BT and CityFibre so your service is not just with one provider, both links are at the same speed but only one is used at a time. 


MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Connect all your sites like a LAN and be able to access and share data securely. You can mix and match broadband and leased line technologies into your MPLS arrangement to ensure that what is delivered meets your needs.

Free Router

All our 3 year contracts come with a free router when ordering. The router is pre-configured and shipped to site prior to the circuit going live. Once live, you have lifetime support on the hardware with next day replacements as standard. 1 year contract are subject to small rental cost.

Speeds / Bandwidth
Bearer1Mbps – 10GbpsBy delivering a larger bearer you give yourself room to grow should your bandwidth needs change. We can deliver bearers 2Mbps, 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps.
BandwidthScalableWe can deliver a variety of bandwidth solutions to meet your needs. For example, we could deliver a bearer of 100Mbps and commit the bandwidth to 10Mbps initially.
SpeedSymmetricalThe speeds delivered are the same downstream as they are upstream.
Bandwidth1:1 Non-ContendedThe bandwidth supplied is not shared with anyone on the ICUK network. As such you won’t see any fluctuations in speed other than what is being consumed by your workers.
PricingVariesThe price you pay will vary depending on your location and bandwidth requirements. As such it is important you make contact with a member of our team to provide you with a tailored quote.
Contract Length1, 3 or 5 YearsFree installation options are available on 3 and 5 year contracts. We can provide you with multiple package deals for you to choose from.
SLA5 Hour FixIn the unlikely event of a failure on your line we will provide on-site assistance, around the clock, with a 5 hour fix aim.
Data CapsUnmeteredThere are no usage caps or fair usage policies applied to leased lines.
Included As Standard
Static IPv4IncludedWe can supply a routed block of IPv4 addresses at no additional cost. The size of the allocation must comply with RIPE rules.
Static IPv6IncludedAs standard we can supply your connection with a /48 allocation offering countless IP addresses for you to use.
MonitoringIncludedWe pro-actively monitor your connection and will be available around the clock to offer support in the event of failure.