A question for all chemistry enthusiasts! What is the chemical element with the shortest full name?

Shown is a map of a fictional country. Which book and film series features this country?

You’ll hear a mashup of 2 songs. We are looking for the 2 artists.

The 90s cult heroes Beavis and Butthead both wore a t-shirt with the logo of a famous band on it. Which two bands were this? They are worth half a point each!

What movie character connects all of the actors shown here?

In which country can you pay with this bank note?

Which two celebrities have been “fused” in this picture?

How many planets (not counting dwarf planets) are in our solar system?

Which comedy film was this car featured in?

Since 2019, which manufacturer has been responsible for the engines of the car in which this Formula 1 driver drives his races?

Audio question! You will hear a piece of music from a television series this time. What is the name of the car that is inextricably linked to this show?

These huge robots come from the planet Cybertron and are about 8 meters tall. They have the ability to camouflage themselves as average vehicles. What is the name of this “race” of mega robots?

Name that group – We’ll kick off in 1972.

This song is from 1973. It refers to a period in the musician’s own life. Once again, we are looking for the title and artist!

The unique voices you hear in this 1978 hit can only come from one band. Which band is that and what is the title?

This song had already been recorded by Gloria Jones in the 60s, but with little success. In 1981, an English duo ran with it and turned it into a global hit. Name the band and the title!

In 1986 this lady with the world’s oldest profession became a big hit. What is her name and which band made her famous?

The success of this single from 1993 would never again be matched by this band. It really is a memorable song!

This 2006 song was a big hit for a singer who went solo after spending years in a boy band. It turned out to be a good decision. Who is he and what is the name of the song?

This song was a massive hit in 2008. We are looking for the band and the title.

In 2014 this was the debut for a British singer-songwriter. It is about a place where the singer himself had never even been at that time …

This singer released hit after hit in 2018. This was one of them! In the song she sings about her exes and what she has learned from them. Who is she and what is the name of the song?