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Schools need to safely manage their network activity with so many devices owned by schools and carried by students, staff and visitors, with Lightspeed Systems they provide tools exclusively designed for schools enabling safe, fast and easily access to the internet offering control over mobile devices.

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Lightspeed MDM platform is cloud-based software making mobile device management simple. Policies, settings and restrictions can be deployed and modified all in one place, updates and apps can be sent to iOS devices. Paid-for apps can be purchased using the Apple Volume Purchase Program and then deployed using Lightspeed MDM and control what devices get them, this allows Schools to budget for software and control purchases and benefits from up to a 50% price reduction on many education titles.

Lightspeed Rocket Network Appliance

The Lightspeed Rocket network appliance ties all these solutions together and integrates them into your existing Windows Server and directory service. Your mobile devices and all web access will be associated with an authenticated network user and the reporting systems give you total visibility and control across the board.

Lightspeed Collaborative Web Filter

With smart web filtering it’s no longer a balancing act between blocking inappropriate content, keeping Staff, Students and guests safe, giving users access to engaging and educational content. Lightspeed filtering ensures that IT gets secure filtering for all fixed and mobile devices on the school network based on a comprehensive education-specific database. Teachers and students get access to the sites and tools that enhance education with total, granular control.

Lightspeed Mobile Device Filtering

Lightspeed Mobile filtering allows you to enhance your existing filtering policies extending them to off-network devices. With support for iOS, netbooks, MacBooks, laptops, and Android devices this ensures safe, secure 24/7 learning opportunities.

Take Back Control

Take back control from your Local Authority web filtering and free your internet for education and allow for content creation to enrich you from your students.

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