Altaro Backup Solution

No one can guarantee that they will not suffer some form of disaster or attack that compromises their data. Investing in the following is good IT practice and will minimise the risks. But by nature, disaster tends to strike unexpectedly – whether that be from malware attack, Virus or a natural disaster.

Therefore, keeping your data safe with a disaster recovery plan that fits your business model is essential to protect you and your data and be up and running in hours not days.

Keeping your devices like laptops and desktop computers safe, VM servers and data stored in MS Office 365 is good practice and covers your requirements.

We offer Altaro backup to cover all the areas you need to keep you data safe and secure.

**For bulk discount pricing speak to our sales team.

Get your 3-2-1 on

Cloud, Local, Data centre backup of VMs, End point devices or Office 365 Altaro has you covered with all solutions set and forget and worry no more, with fast backup and restore Altaro is all you need to keep your data safe and secure.

We never stop

We have teamed up with a storage provider to offer you the best off sites storage pricing better then Azure or AWS by almost 80% from 1TB to 10PB of storage, why not get it all at once and we will install and set it for you.

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